Youth & Children’s Pastor

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First Baptist Church of Duxbury is looking for a youth and children’s pastor to join our pastoral team. This person will lead our biblically-based discipleship program for our children and youth from ages 0-17. The youth and children’s pastor will report directly to the senior pastor.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Responsibilities “][ul][li]Lead High School Student Ministry.[/li][li]Develop a comprehensive ministry plan to reach and disciple children and youth.[/li][li]Help ministry teams set goals and develop action plans for growth in Children’s, Junior High and High School Student Ministries and develop other goals which correspond with the mission of First Baptist Church Duxbury.[/li][li]Help the ministry team create a thriving youth service that is inviting to churched and un-churched students alike.[/li][li][/li][li]Counsel students, parents, and families in spiritual need.[/li][li]Enlist and develop lay leadership to execute the ministry goals of the Children’s, Junior High and Senior High ministries. Identify and develop appropriate curriculum and teaching aids for spiritual growth.[/li][li]Prepare and deliver Bible studies and other talks.[/li][li]Implement and plan mission trips, camps and other events for Junior High and High School students.[/li][li]Assist in the pastoral ministries of the church (i.e.: weddings, funerals, visitation, preaching etc) as requested.[/li][li]Perform additional duties as assigned by Senior Pastor.[/li][/ul]
[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Minimum Requirements”][ul][li]Be a believer in Jesus Christ and committed to a lifestyle of following and knowing Him.
[/li][li]Be involved in ongoing discipleship for spiritual growth.[/li][li]Be committed to the mission of the church to help people follow Jesus and take the
gospel to all the earth.[/li][li]Be a person of integrity and honor in all matters in and out of the church.[/li][li]Be dedicated to excellence to the glory of God.[/li][li]Have a bachelor’s degree from a Bible-based college.[/li][/ul]
[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Preferred Requirements”][ul][li]Have a master’s degree from a Bible-based college or seminary.[/li][/ul]
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