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First Love

First Love

Speaker: | February 12, 2018

Love is not a byproduct of Evolution, but a gift of God, who is love, and who made us to love. But to truly love, one must go from an admirer of Christ to a...

David vs Goliath

David vs. Goliath

Speaker: | February 04, 2018

Who will it be you come to trust in times of challenge and difficulty? Whose words and strength will you stand upon in such times? Your own? Others? No ones? Or will you continue in your...

how big is your god?

How Big Is Your God?

Speaker: | January 28, 2018

We serve a big and awesome God, yet we often struggle with maintaining the right perspective of His deity and sovereignty over our lives. The size of your God determines everything in this life and the...

Duxbury ma church sermon


Speaker: | January 23, 2018

We should be serious about moving forward in our faith, remaining steadfast and trusting God while avoiding the false voices of unbelievers and false teachers who would seek pull us away from God by twisting...



Speaker: | January 16, 2018

It is not what you do, it’s who you do it for. And as you go about your day, living your life, do people see God working in your life, or does sin, and the...

Remember The Lord

Remember The Lord

Speaker: | November 20, 2017

When God is not in ‘the mix’, things go astray. And do not get caught up in the words or threats of those opposed to you, or to God’s work. But instead, in such times...



Speaker: | November 12, 2017

Don’t Fix your eyes upon the evil of the world when it occurs. Do not lose heart. The world is fallen, evil is going to happen, and in at such times, we must remember and...

Jonah Sermon Chapter 3

Prayer from the Depths

Speaker: | September 11, 2017

Summary Sometimes we make regrettable decisions that leave us feeling shameful. We carry the weight of our past mistakes like an anchor tethered to our ankle. The regrets of the past or our current situation...

Jonah Sermon Chapter 3

Rebel Heart – Jonah 1

| September 01, 2017

Summary Have you ever wanted the opposite of what God wants for you? So did Jonah. Jonah was so opposed to God’s plan that he tried to run in the opposite direction of where God...