Spritual Growth


In the Trenches

Speaker: | October 24, 2017

There are many attributes that mark the faithful leader but there is one mindset one quality that will endear you to those you serve and that is: a willingness to get in the trenches. General...

The Plan

The Plan

Speaker: | October 11, 2017

Summary  In life, we spend a lot of time waiting. We wait to mee the right guy or girl. We wait for finances to improve. In Nehemiah’s case, he was waiting on God for the...



Speaker: | September 27, 2017

Summary When Jesus returns, He will not ask if you had the date right on His arrival, but what have you been doing (Garland)? We exist for Jesus. We are purposefully placed at this moment...

Jonah Sermon Chapter 3


Speaker: | September 20, 2017

Summary Anthropologists and psychologists alike have often defined generations of people with creative terminology. There was the baby boomer generation, generation x, generation y, the millennials, and now the igeneration. The igeneration exists in the...

Jonah Sermon Chapter 3

Second Chances

Speaker: | September 18, 2017

Summary We don’t always get a second chance in life but when we do how should we respond. In this message on Jonah 3, we discover that the Lord is merciful. He extends his mercy...