When Jesus returns, He will not ask if you had the date right on His arrival, but what have you been doing (Garland)? We exist for Jesus. We are purposefully placed at this moment in time so that we might be a part of the King’s affairs. He blesses us tremendously so that we, like arrows, can be launched into the world to advance His influence. As followers of Jesus, our desire is to steward our lives well for the fame of Christ. The question we must wrestle with is: Are we being faithful with what He has entrusted to us?

In investing what is comfortable is rarely profitable~Robert ArnoldClick To Tweet


Matthew 25:14-30

Main Points

  1. Entrusted. The servants were given the authority to conduct business on behalf of their master while he was away. King Jesus, has entrusted us with our lives so that we can invest in His work.
  2.  Servants. Each servant was given talents to invest for the master. The first two servants were diligent about caring for the master’s affairs. With urgency, they conducted business as to make a profit for their lord while he was away. They were able to generate revenue for the master. The first two servants demonstrated their love for the master through the risk taken and their faithfulness to the master’s wishes. A third servant was given the same opportunity to steward the master’s resources, however, he was unwilling to labor for the master. He took the talent entrusted to him and buried it in the ground. His inactivity was not viewed as prudence but called evil and lazy.


Visualize your life as a talent entrusted to you by Jesus and invest your life in Kingdom work.

Students: invest your life in the lives of other students. Offer assistance as a tutor to a friend that might be struggling in class.

Take 10 minutes during lunch to pray for fellow co-workers, fellow classmates, our community, and our ministry here on the South Shore.


Tim Bresnahan is the Senior Pastor for First Baptist Church of Duxbury.

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