In this Advent Season, as it leads up to Christmas, our hearts and minds should be centering on understanding the reasons, the necessity for the virgin birth of Jesus. We should seek to grasp the meaning and purpose of his coming. And in this sermon, Pastor Tim Bresnahan speaks on the eternal purpose of Jesus’ virgin birth. And as he does, a simple question is asked and seeks an answer from each and everyone of us: Where, in what, or in whom do we place our trust, and follow? Do we believe, as this great carol states about King Jesus, that through him, ‘God and Sinner are reconciled’, or do we choose not to seek the wisdom and answers from the eternal God concerning the purpose and meaning of our lives, but instead rely upon the wisdom of mortal man? Is the ‘wisdom’ of man, though it come from the highly educated, or the famous or well-known, or even from friends or family members, even ourselves, or do we possibly allow the dictates from some form of spiritualism to influence us in a search to understand the purpose and meaning of our lives? This message addresses these questions. And these are questions whose answers hold great eternal consequences for us all.