How Big Is Your God?

how big is your god?

We serve a big and awesome God, yet we often struggle with maintaining the right perspective of His deity and sovereignty over our lives. The size of your God determines everything in this life and the life to come. If your God is small, you will only expect and trust God when your circumstances are beyond the grasp of your control. For example, when you become ill. But, if your God is big, you will think, act, and anticipate God to blow your mind regularly.

Scripture Verses:

Isaiah 40:22
Isaiah 41:10
Psalm 2:1-4
Luke 12:22-34
Philippians 4:4-7
Philippians 3:1-7
Romans 8:31-37


The following are some questions to help determine the current size of your God and hopefully spur you on to desire more of His presence in your life regardless of your circumstances.

How big is your Maker and Creator of the universe to you?

Has your God grown bigger as you have gotten older?

What are your biggest core fears in life? The things that just keep holding shackles and chains to your feet and preventing you from trusting God with everything?

Are you convicted God has your back in all circumstances and that you are already victorious? If not, What is holding you back from such a conviction?

Do you need more evidence of God’s existence and His personal interest in your life?

Do you require more understanding of who God is before you are willing to let Him take control?

What is more important, your free will or God’s sovereignty? Why?


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