Messy Love

Messy Love

You may try to abandon God, but He will never abandon you.
There are times in our lives we fail to remember God’s enteral love for us and we drift away from Him and into situations or life choices that stand opposed to the life God wants for us.
Are there times in your life that you are refusing to obey God? Are there times that you are purposely not listening to what you know His will is? If this is so, then there is good news in such an undesirable situation; God is always willing to forgive. God is waiting and seeking to forgive. But if anyone keeps to a rebellious life, if we purposely suppress, or ignore the love and forgiveness God has for us, then we find ourselves not having peace with God, but instead, our lives fall into bondage to sin.
In this sermon from Nehemiah 9, Pastor Tim Bresnahan shows us, that no matter how messy our lives are, or become, God is always ready to forgive. He still loves us, His love is neverending, and He never stops calling us back to the forgiveness, the peace that passes all understanding that He alone can offer, and does so with waiting, open arms.


Tim Bresnahan is the Senior Pastor for First Baptist Church of Duxbury.

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