The final two lines from William Earnest Henley’s 1875 famous poem, Invictus, ‘I am master of my fate, I am captain of my soul’, are words, and an attitude which live within the lives today of a great many. Unfortunately, within such a crowd dwells also ‘the religious’. But whether the person holding to such an attitude be irreligious or religious really does not matter, they both foolishly set aside the word of God, the Law and the Prophets to determine for themselves what is right or wrong. Some do so out of ignorance, while others choose to follow or add ‘traditions’ to God’s word, and still yet, there are many who from disagreement with certain commandments or statutes found within Scripture refuse to follow or adhere to divine expectations. And because such attitudes flourished within the hearts of ‘the religious’ as well within his day, we find Jesus in Matthew 5:17-20, unlike those who have ignored or turned away from Scripture stating, he has come to ‘fulfill the Law and the Prophets’ not to ‘abolish them’. And by accomplishing this, Christ not only ultimately does so for our salvation, but he declares in this passage, that God’s word will remain supreme, and will remain so ‘until heaven and earth pass away.’ Yet beyond this declaration, Jesus goes on to reveal a great blessing which awaits those who follow God’s word. However, he also offers a sober warning to those who for whatever reason come to justify a life or teaching that stands contrary to God word. And in this sermon by Pastor Tim Bresnahan, we are taken through each truth to be found in these verses and the meaning, blessing or otherwise, they hold and have for each of us in our lives today.