• Here are the questions: Do we live a Nehemiah life, and what is a Nehemiah life?
    Do we live a life where we seek to live for God’s glory, His purposes, such as trying to bring Christ to others, praying for others, encouraging others to know and live for God? Do we make ourselves available to others, to family members, or those in our community in order to bring them towards the mercy and salvation God has poured upon us in Christ, or do we live for lesser reasons, such as the applause of men and personal recognition, or for position or riches?
    In this sermon by Pastor Tim Bresnahan, he brings us through a review of Nehemiah, of the struggles and triumphs, the ebbs and flows of life and faith that so many people experienced, and how we in our own lives can avoid such struggles while at the same time having an impact on not only those around us for Christ but to see that impact continue into a future we might not share or see.