Possibly the very worst worldly saying concerning anyone’s relationship with God is, ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ or any variant of it. This attitude is not only contrary to what the Bible teaches, it is never what God seeks to find in the mind or heart of anyone; so what sort of life are we expected to live by God? The answer is very simple but impossible to achieve without both God’s help and godly wisdom, and that is, to live a selfless life, a life that seeks to bring glory to God by taking upon the attitude and actions of a servant to any and all.
In this sermon by Pastor Tim Bresnahan, we come to Mark 10:35-45, where the ultimate confrontation of a selfless life verses a selfish one is seen, and in the end, we all must ask ourselves, how do we live, selfishly or selflessly? Do we live seeking to serve others in love, to do God’s will, to accomplish His purposes in our lives, purposes which will not only bring Him due glory, but also His love, as well as the Gospel into the lives others, or do we, because of somehow believing we are due based on our good actions or deeds (good in our own eyes)God’s attention and blessing, or in other words, by what we believe we have done well in our lives, such as ‘being a good person’ (again in our own eyes)that such self-defined, self-directed efforts and actions by us have allowed us to earn the expectation, if not the right of a quid pro quo blessing from God.
Now God indeed desires to bless each of our lives, to reward us. However, and as Pastor Bresnahan shows as he delves into this passage that the selfless life, the servant’s heart towards all people is the one true way for the Christian to not only live a fulfilling life, but it is a life that not only brings Christ to those who so desperately need him, but it is a life that ensures God’s blessing of keeping one from ever ultimately suffering a hollow manner of life that is marked by self-seeking, selfish ambition.