How truly willing are we in putting a stop to just talking about God’s will in our lives to actually following it? How open are we to listening to, and then obey God’s will when His will comes up right up against our desires for our own lives? Are we willing to put our personal agendas aside in order to follow Him, and in following Him, serve others? Or do we seek excuses, such as; I do not have the skill or ability, or the confidence, or worse, the desire to follow God’s will because it is somehow uncomfortable or not what I want to do? Do we, when God’s will does not match up with our own become determined to avoid His supremacy in our lives; forgetting, that when He does lead, when we follow His will and leading, that nothing will hinder or cause His purposes to fail in or through us? In this sermon from Nehemiah 11 & 7, Pastor Tim Bresnahan brings us into the lives of the people in Nehemiah who held both mindsets. These were people, both the willing and unwilling who claimed God as their God, and how God through both would see, did see His will and purposes reach success. So, are you among the willing? Are you a believer who moves beyond just talking about God, to listening to Him by making His agenda your own in order to impact others for His glory, and their eternal good?