Do we as Christians find our life, our joy in Christ? Do we say, ‘Jesus, you are my life.’? Do we remember all the wondrous promises of God to his faithful people? We should. Because God has an unswerving commitment to us. But as we look at our Christian life, do we find an obedience problem? In this sermon by Pastor Tim Bresnahan, we look at four integral parts of commitment. And the question becomes, can we answer, yes, to these questions: Do we have an unswerving commitment to Christ; an unswerving commitment to God’s will in our lives; an unswerving commitment to the body of Christ, and an unswerving commitment to the mission of Jesus?
The unswerving Christian is not a Christian who sees a relationship with God as only being a ticket to avoid Hell, but a relationship to be cultivated for growing in their knowledge of God in a far deeper and meaningful way, leading to the unswerving life God’s desires for them.


Tim Bresnahan is the Senior Pastor for First Baptist Church of Duxbury.

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