Unity. This is what Christ sought for his people, for members of your church (John 17:20-21. But for those within a church, unity can prove elusive due to unfortunate words being spoken. Words offered loosely or without thought or wisdom, or worse, in gossip will assure disunity settles in. Well in this second sermon in the, I am A Church Member series, Pastor Tim Bresnahan speaks, teaches on how each of us can avoid becoming a wreaking ball within a church but instead become a unifier, a blessing to all those around us. And we can become such by and in the offering of edifying comments, in the showing of compassion, in the offering of mercy, or when needed, in the offering of forgiveness, but first and foremost, in the taming of our tongue. For if we example these things in our lives and to others then God is honored and the blessing for us will be having others see Christ in us. And if Christ is seen in us, then we will be showing the love of God. And in showing the love of God perhaps we will see not only our Christian brothers and sisters growing in Christ, but gloriously, we may see others come to know him as savior.