Do we strive in our lives to actually be a servant, a disciples of Christ? Which is a question that naturally brings up the questions of: what exactly is a servant or disciple of Christ’s, and once understood, do I desire to be his disciple? After all, just before he returned to heaven, our Lord did say, ‘Go and make disciples.’ So based on that, it would seem to be of some importance to the Lord that we become disciples, as well as seeking to help others become one as well.
And beyond this direct command there is also the familiar urging to each of us of seeking to be like Christ; and Paul the Apostle did say, follow me as I follow Christ, and that he was Christ’s bond-servant. So in this sermon, Pastor Tim Bresnahan brings us into both of these questions And he begins doing so with Philippians 2:4-11. And once we explore this wondrous passage of scripture we move forth onto others. And at the end of the sermon we find the pair of questions asked here, what is a servant, a disciple of Christ’s, and do I truly desire to be one will be faced and decided upon by each of us.