When troubles or challenges arise in the life of a Christian, when times of difficulty and sorrow visit upon us, do we trust, do we stand upon our faith that God is there with us in such circumstances? Or, instead, do such times show us shrinking away or even turning our backs on God, demonstrating our profession of faith to possibly be no more than mere words. And during times others are facing troubles and challenges, do we follow the life example the one who died on a cross for us set and attempt to example him in their life? So, which are we? Are we but listeners of God’s word, or are we indeed Christ’s disciple? And in this sermon from Mark 8, The Feeding of the Five Thousand, by guest speaker Pastor David Livie, we not only find ourselves guided through Jesus’s example and heart for his disciples, and those in need, but we’re walked through the attitudes found in his followers and what we should learn and take from both for our own lives.