In Psalm 56, we find David having penned a song concerning his struggles against enemies, of the fear and the worry they caused him. But though enemies surrounded him, in the midst of such realities, and the emotions which gripped him, David sings of overcoming them, overcoming worry with worship, overcoming fear with faith. And perhaps in your own life you are facing ‘enemies’ of your own. Perhaps there is a dire diagnosis from a doctor, a struggle in marriage, in family, at work, and they can threaten to take you beyond the ability to handle, to triumph over. Well in such times, when the heart is downcast, when depression over life or a situation is taking hold, where is God becomes the question. Well in this sermon by Pastor Tim Bresnahan, the problems are faced, and the answers David’s psalm offers are explored and we invite you to listen to and discover what God through this psalm teaches us concerning our actions and reactions during times of troubles