Shame, brought from embarrassing actions or personal failures can prove to be such a gut-wrenching emotion that it can cause a person to run and hide from others, and from their best life, or it can cause a person to point fingers and blame others for their own failures; a choice that extends back to the time of Adam and Eve and has become the default position for far too many. But what can truly be insidious, is for a person who denies or will not recognize or admit to their own failures to then turn around and become more than willing to point at the failures of others. Well in this sermon taken from Matthew 7, from the Sermon on the Mount, Pastor Tim Bresnahan not only offers a warning found in our passage for the one whose superciliousness would have them carry such an attitude within their hearts, but he reminds us that we remain a work in progress in Christ. He then goes on through Matthew 7: 3-5 to reveal the proper God-pleasing attitude and action we all should take hold of, live by, and show to others.