In the history of the world, two singular lives lived thousands of years apart have charted the course of life for every single person ever born. Those lives were of Adam and Jesus Christ. The power of the first life, lived by Adam, and by way of his act of willful disobedience set mankind on a road of sin, misery, death, judgment and eternal separation from God. However, in and by his mercy and love God provided a way of escape from the power and penalty of sin. For while, as the scriptures make clear, sin entered the world through Adam bringing death and judgment to us all, scripture also makes very clear, that through Jesus, we, instead, can receive forgiveness and salvation. And in this sermon by guest speaker, Pastor Dennis Bauder, the lives of Adam and Jesus are examined, contrasted, and in the end, we see how the power of each of their lives ultimately affects each and every one of us in our daily lives.