Hectic. For many, this five letter word perfectly describes their life. And because hectic defines their daily living, inevitably they find all areas of their life, relationships, work, marriage, family weakening, as well as their own spiritual and emotional health. And what each of us needs to understand is this; Everyone of us is influential. Every person, no matter their position in life, from the high and mighty to the most humble among us set an example for those we know. It could come by way of word or deed or simply in how we live our lives before the eyes of others, but an example, be it negative or positive is seen and can influence. And when life is overloaded, when life is spell, TOO BUSY, then that is what we are teaching, exampling. And ultimately, the lesson from the hectic life becomes, life’s priorities can be shaved, can be compromised. Oh, one can say, the time is simply not there to give to that which is truly important, that the lack of time robs us of the seriousness and effort we know is required and needed., this includes first and foremost our relationship and walk with Christ. So in the end, we can lay blame on the hectic pace of modern life for the how things are not as they should be, or we can seek change. And in this sermon taken from passages within John 21, 1 Peter 5 & Matthew 11, Pastor Tim Bresnahan examines the hectic life through Christ and the Apostles and offers answers to it’s struggles and to what ultimately can or will be lost, or even abandoned if the hectic person continues to run in life’s exhaustive manner and direction.