At the end of the Twentieth Century a survey was taken among the ‘esteemed’ from all fields, the Arts, Sciences, Business, Politics, and others. Those polled were asked a couple of simple questions: As we close out this millennium, who do you believe to have been the most significant person over this time period in your particular field, and overall, what do believe to be the single greatest achievement in past one thousand years to be. Well the answer for the most significant achievement came to be, the Guttenberg printing press. As for the most significant person in various fields, names such as Christopher Columbus, Michelangelo, Martin Luther, William Shakespeare, Galileo Galilei,, George Washington,, Ludwig Van Beethoven were named, and as an inventor, Johannes Guttenberg was once again named. But here are two questions of far greater importance, for they do not cover but a thousand years, nor do they cover all of time itself, but for all eternity. Who is the most significant figure ever born, and why does that person stand beyond all others born of women? Well in this short Christmas Eve sermon by Pastor Tim Bresnahan those questions are answered. And spoiler alert, the answer is, Jesus Christ.