Church Launches New Website for the South Shore of Massachusetts

new church website boston ma

We are excited to announce that our church launched its new website v2.0 to better reach and serve the people residing in the South Shore of Massachusetts. Members of Duxbury, Plymouth, Kingston, and other neighboring communities are encouraged to learn more about us and engage with us through our new website.

A major reason for the new website is to improve and increase communication with members of the South Shore community. Therefore, we have added some new sections and features to our website. For example, submit a prayer request or send us a chat message via Facebook.

We have designed and developed the new website to be highly interactive and relational, not just informational. For example, take this opportunity to support an important community cause such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in Massachusetts, or listen to an online sermon that you might have missed. If you want to go deeper with us, sign up for one of our upcoming events, or join and stay connected to a community group in your neighborhood.

Don’t forget to check out the I’m New Here and First Visit Plan sections.

Also, if you would like to learn more about our church, please complete our Guest Book.

We look forward to connecting with you online and in person!


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