Your Kingdom Come

As Christians, knowing that Christ reins now in Heaven, and will rein as king on Earth in the future, we are until that glorious day to reflect God to the world, and in doing so, we point others to Christ for the salvation of their souls. But are we pointing others to Christ? Are letting those we know and love understand that a day is coming when we all, saved and unsaved will see Christ rein, that his kingdom will indeed be established, and an accounting of our lives will take place? And woe to those who are not found in the Book of Life! So here are the questions, Do you as a Christian truly desire that ‘May your kingdom come’? And are you reflecting God to the world, to those around you? For while the believer will forever, for all eternity enjoy eternal life in the presence of God, the hellish eternity for the unforgiven last just as long, a fate no Christian desires to see befall others. And in this sermon from Matthew 6:10, Pastor Tim Bresnahan encourages us, directs us towards living the life that reflects God to the world, and in so doing, we as believers indeed can excitedly, and gladly utter the words, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it done in Heaven.”


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