Do you believe the God of the Universe, the God of gods, the Eternal One is mindful of you? If you are saved, the answer is plain: Yes He is.
God has chosen you, adopted you into his eternal family. We all have experienced rejection in life. Perhaps we failed to receive the promotion at work we believed we deserved, or we did not find ourselves hired for the job we wanted, or the social group we wanted to be part of would not include us, or the person we sought a relationship with felt otherwise. Rejection comes in all forms, and they all hurt. But while we in this life will face rejection from others, we as believers can praise and glorify God for adopting us into his family. And in this sermon from Nehemiah 9:7-8, Pastor Tim Bresnahan walks us through this deep but wondrous truth of this particular work of God.


Tim Bresnahan is the Senior Pastor for First Baptist Church of Duxbury.

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