In the effort of being found ‘righteous’ or ‘good’ before God, are you trusting in yourself rather than trusting in what God has proved for us all through Christ? Are you seeking acceptance from God by depending on being part of a group, such as being a church member, or on your good works, or living a good life, or on your position in life rather than remembering that ‘all our righteousness is as filthy rags?’ In this sermon from Matthew 5: 1-3, Pastor Tim Bresnahan explores the dangers and futility of a person seeking to have self-reliance, of living (in their own eyes) a good life to be the answer of opening the door into heaven rather than seeing themselves as being spiritually bankrupt and needing to rely upon Christ, of following the manner and pattern of life Christ reveals for us in the Sermon on the Mount, starting with being ‘Poor in spirit’, and what this primary and all important starting point actually means and entails for us all.