The Plan

The Plan


In life, we spend a lot of time waiting. We wait to mee the right guy or girl. We wait for finances to improve. In Nehemiah’s case, he was waiting on God for the proper time to execute a plan. Nehemiah was burdened for the city of his ancestors (2:3;5). He felt called by God to go and reestablish the walls of Jerusalem and to point the hearts of the people back to God. In chapter 1 Nehemiah prays to the Lord asking for success in this wild endeavor (1:11) but then waits 4 months before the rebuilding plan is set in motion through an intimidating conversation with king Artaxerxes. While Nehemiah waited on the Lord, he prayerfully devised a plan of action. While you wait on the Lord, prayerfully develop a plan.

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Nehemiah 2:1-8

Main Points

1.  Waiting is difficult. While we wait, doubt often creeps in. In the waiting, the Lord invites us to seek Him and to trust Him.

2. While Nehemiah waited on the Lord, he developed a plan of action. When the Lord opened the door for Nehemiah to converse with the king regarding his desire to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem Nehemiah was prepared with a plan.

3.  As you wait on the Lord, prayerfully devise a plan.


Prayerfully pursue Jesus and establish action steps.
Have a plan for today and this week. Have a plan for the year.
Develop a 5-year plan, develop a plan for your life. What is your life purpose?


Tim Bresnahan is the Senior Pastor for First Baptist Church of Duxbury.

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