Be you a Christian or not; do you find your life to seemingly be within a desert and away from God?
Are you in a place where you need turn or return to trusting God? Well, the beginning of that journey for the stumbling Christian is to first realize, God did not break trust, the sinning Christian walked away from Him. But the gobsmack wonder of God is to also know, He wants and desires to rebuild the life of the sinning Christian, as well as desiring to build a new life for the repentant sinner. That is if they both surrender their lives to His authority and follow His word rather than being simply a hearer of it. So, the question that demands an answer and action becomes: Will the ones in such great need make God’s word, His authority supreme in their lives, or not? In this sermon, Pastor Tim Bresnahan begins to take us through what the truly repentant soul will seek to do in order to see that God indeed reigns supreme in their life.