As Christians, we should be seeking to know Christ in the greatest possible way. It should be an undertaking with the aim of leading us towards a personal Christ-likeness. For as we seek to grow in Christ-likeness, the more we will desire to be like him. We will hold a greater love for him, and that in turn will bring about our desire to love and serve others as he did. But, but in becoming more Christ-like, we first need it to be exampled before us. And here’s the thing; the ones charged most with the task of seeking to help us in this are the leaders within our local church. They are tasked by command of scripture to be our example, so they, as Paul the Apostle could say, might come to say, ‘Follow me, as I follow Christ.’ And in this first sermon in a new series on church leadership, not only will we begin to understand how a local church is to biblically form godly leadership, but to grasp and understand the responsibilities, not the suggestions, not the suggestions, but the responsibilities laid out in scripture for those who are placed in the office of elder or deacon within your church. And Pastor Tim Bresnahan will begin these teaching in a sermon taken from both Ezekiel 34:1-16 & Mark 6:30-44.