“Go and make disciples.” These four words, spoken by our Lord in Matthew 28 so simple to pass over, but these words are possibly the most profound for the believer; for it is a command and no less authoritative than any found within the Ten Commandments. So the question becomes, are we in our lives attempting to follow this command? After all, someone who did, be it our parents, a sibling, relative, friend, neighbor, preacher or stranger stand responsible for each and everyone of us to now be found in Christ. But few of us are pastors or theology teachers and yet in the day to day of our lives this command stands. So here is the next question. How do we remain faithful to the expectation of the Lord to follow this command of his? Well in this sermon by Pastor Tim Bresnahan, he takes us along a road that begins with the Apostle Paul’s conversation to the last words of our Lord before his Ascension. We learn how we in our daily lives in fact can become disciple makers. And after all, let us all remember the glorious truth that salvation in Christ is forever and ever, and by the effort of a faithful servant we found God meeting us where we were. But as we give thanks for our eternal salvation let us also not forget that Hell is also forever. And there are those in our lives living under God’s righteous judgment even now who desperately need a faithful servant to live out the Lord’s four words for them, and before them.